Race Against the Clock

I am racing against time to get my garden planted before I leave this week-end. It seemed to take forever this year to get the soil ready (it’s all hand dug; I’m suspicious of rototillers after my last encounter with one resulted in a fairly substantial back injury a decade or so ago). But by yesterday, with Joe’s help, everything was ready for planting.

I managed to get my carrot, pea, radish and lettuce seeds in before Chanel’s repeated and insistent pleas for a walk pulled me away from the garden. I’m planning on a very long planting session tonight.


One thought on “Race Against the Clock

  1. That’s dedication. Of course, I know that your tongue, stomach and pocketbook all have a vested interest! It would be a shame not to have all those delicious meals out of the garden this summer. Happy digging and planting. My mother’s friend in Montreal belongs to a gardening group called the Diggers and Weeders. You’re a one-person club and Joe is an honorary member!


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