Roma – Part 2

Interior of the Pantheon
Domed ceiling of the Pantheon. When it rains outside, it also rains inside through this opening.
The stunning Trevi Fountain. Too bad is was so crowded with tourists on the morning we were there.
One of the four miles of rooms in the Vatican Museums
In the Egyptian Room of the Vatican Museums
Mummy in the Egyptian Room
Ceiling in a section of the Vatican Museums
Sculpture outside the Vatican Museums

The Sistine Chapel was amazing, perhaps even more so this time than when I saw it 30 years ago since it has been cleaned and the colours are more vibrant and you can see the work in more detail. No photos are allowed inside the chapel but of course there are many pictures than can be found on other online sites.

The Pope’s apartment. His bedroom is behind the window at the far right, and his study is just to the left of it.

2 thoughts on “Roma – Part 2

  1. Lovely!

    The Sistine Chapel was in the process of being restored when Michael and I went to visit in 2000. I’m sure it would be more enjoyable today, without all the scaffolding in the way!

    We made the mistake of throwing money into the Trevi Fountain. Legend says if you do, you’ll return to Rome someday. We ended up (unwillingly) returning the following week!


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