Now that it’s legal to have chickens in Whitehorse, you might consider getting a few. I can finally come clean and say I had three layers for a year. They provided us with the most delicious eggs, and many hours of entertainment.

They weren’t noisy, they didn’t smell, and they didn’t attract foxes or bears.

After they got old and went to chicken heaven (we got them second hand so their laying days were already numbered when they came to us), I considered getting more, but I really needed a better insulated winter home for them (we insulated our greenhouse with straw and blankets, and added two heat lamps, but even so they did get frostbite on their combs during a couple of -40 degree stints).

Anyway, I do have a three-season chicken coop that will comfortably hold five or six chickens. It comes with two heat lamps and two water feeders. Let me know if you’re interested and I can provide details.



3 thoughts on “Chickens?

  1. Back in the day …
    We didn’t have heat lamps so the idea was to build very small apartments inside the coop and put them inside for the extremely cold nights and they would generate enough heat to keep from freezing afterwich you would let them out to exercise. It’s something you have to manage because they don’t have sense enough to learn to get in out of the cold on theor own and will simply sat there and freeze to death. Just a thought.


  2. The problem with chickens is that they taste too dammed good. Try it sometime; one chicken with all the skin removed, brown it all over in some cooking oil in a large pot over high heat. Then, add some shallots, carrots, parsnips, a little turnip, and some potatoes. Throw in some salt, pepper, poultry seasoning of your choice, and….a half cup of port. Cook over low heat for about….well, until it is done. (I can’t remember, but I’m thinking about 40 minutes) Add water as needed to maintain lots of liquid, but you don’t want it to be watery. (No, it’s not really a Zen recipe) Near the end of cooking add some water and flour to thicken it a bit and there you have it. No chicken in your neighborhood will be safe, ever again.


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