A New Career Perhaps?

Sometimes I have to shake my head at myself. I went to yoga this morning and upon leaving all I could do was look forlornly at the pairs of shoes on the rack outside the studio. It’s sad to see how few people actually take care of their footwear. Shoes and boots are expensive, but if you keep them clean, polished, and repaired, they last for years. I wanted to grab a couple cans of shoe polish, a brush, and get to work.

Perhaps I can blame this obsession with healthy shoes on my oldest brother. He would often have me polishing his boots when he was in air cadets.

When I was in Edmonton last week-end Jamie and I went to the West Edmonton mall. The only thing I bought was a variety of jars of colourful shoe polish.

Maybe I should start a new business! In fact I’m only half joking. There’s an old guy in town who’s pretty much the only one who fixes shoes here. Perhaps I should approach him to see if he would be willing to teach me what he knows. It could be my retirement job!


4 thoughts on “A New Career Perhaps?

  1. There’s a guy who fixes shoes?!? There used to be a fellow in the building where Bear Paw Quilts is located, but after he disappeared, I thought there was no one left!

    My parents owned a shoe-repair shop for a number of years. Of course, in Germany, a shoe-repair place also ends up working on leather bridles, jackets, and other leather items. The shop always smelled of glue (from re-soling).

    If you picked up a nice red polish, I would love to knick some to spiff up some lovely flats I have. Mink oil helped, but I think some colour on them is called for. 😉


  2. Kara, that one’s easy! Just use soap and water. Fawn, the same gentleman now fixes shoes through Shoes R Us, although he only does it in warm weather (he works in an unheated shop). As for shoe polish, I have several shades of red, so let me know which you need – I have brick red, scarlet, burgundy, and a rusty-red too. If you’re looking for scarlot, you can buy that at Shoes R Us, although I’m happy to let you use some of mine.


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