Today’s Little Challenge

I’m about to head off on a work trip. Packing for that trip turned out to be quite the challenge. I need clothes for two difference conferences in cities with slightly different climates (Coeur d’Alene and Vancouver), more dressy wear for an evening dinner cruise, and clothes for a ‘Hawaiian Night’-themed awards dinner. Plus I have a pair of boots and a pair of shoes that I need to bring along because I want to take them to a cobbler while I’m in Vancouver. AND I don’t want to check any luggage, so it all has to fit in one tiny suitcase.

Think I can do it? Watch this:

This is always my first choice for travel wear, since it doesn’t wrinkle and it packs down small. I figure I can wear this once in Idaho and once in Vancouver. Scarf, jewelry, teal tights for a pop of colour, and my green and brown spectator shoes.
Keeping with the same colour palette, a plaid shirt and cargo skirt. Two more days taken care of.
For travelling on the plane both ways (because I am always cold on airplanes) I have a jacket and pants, with the same trusty shoes and a few t-shirts to choose from. Also a skirt for one of the conference days with gold tights for colour. Forgot to include the jewelry in this photo, but I have that covered too. So that takes care of the day time, but I have two evening events to plan for.
For the dinner cruise, my vintage inspired dress. Sadly, no room for the crinoline. As for shoes, I decided to wear one of the pairs I’m taking to the shoe repair shop. I need new heel lifts on them, but I think if I’m careful I can get away with wearing them on the cruise. At the last minute, I added a shawl to the suitcase in case I get cold on the cruise ship.
And finally, Hawaiian night. I don’t own a Hawaiian shirt or anything close to it, so I decided on a colourful and lightweight maxi dress that used to belong to Iris. A few leis from the Dollar Store for more of an island touch.

But the question is, would it all fit in a carry-on suitcase?

Yes! And room for lingerie, yoga clothes, an umbrella, and a pair of pink sandals to go with the maxi dress.
My wallet, passport, camera, iPhone, notebook, ticket, make-up and a book will go in the one purse I’m taking. I’ll wear my raincoat on the plane.



5 thoughts on “Today’s Little Challenge

  1. It all looks great Janet! I have tried packing in a colour palette too and it worked pretty well. Though I don’t think I achieved as compact a bag as you did! Sounds like a great trip though… what is the work purpose.. a conference?


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