Channelling My Grammie and My Five-Year Old Self

I stumbled across this dress in a thrift store not too long ago. Immediately it reminded me of two other dresses from my childhood…one that my grammie wore for many years, and the second, a dress I owned when I was around five years old. I’ve posted photos of all of them so you can compare. My shoes are also very similar to the ones my grammie wore (I can’t ever remember her having more than two pairs of shoes the whole time she was in my life). However I couldn’t find a photo of her wearing them.

My ‘found’ dress.
My grandmother is the tiny lady on the right. In the middle is her sister, and I don’t know who’s on the left. The baby is either Gary or Roy.
This was my kindergarten photo. That morning I decided to put an entire jar of my brother’s Brylcreem in my hair. My poor mother washed my hair three times but couldn’t get it all out, so in desperation she quickly cut it. My mother was talented at many things, but a hairdresser she was not. Lord love her!

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