It’s a Little Thing But….

My mother knew her way around a sewing machine pretty darn well.

When she was teaching me to sew, one of the things she emphasized was that if I were working with stripes or plaids, the seams had to line up to match the pattern.  There were many a times that I ended up re-doing my less than stellar work until it was up to her standards in the ‘matching seams’ department.

I guess her persistence paid off because now it drives me crazy to see mismatched seams. And they’re everywhere on today’s retail racks, even those holding some of the more high-end brands.

It’s a little thing I know. But it speaks volumes about pride and care in what you do. Take a look at this coat for instance from the 1940s. Perfectly tailored; perfectly matched.

Why does fine workmanship have to be a thing of the past?


One thought on “It’s a Little Thing But….

  1. The pin-striped dress I bought at Sally Ann and made over a couple of years ago had perfectly-matched seams, even where the straps met the bodice. Despite the ugly style, I knew someone had paid attention while making the garment. Tiny pin-stripes don’t just go matching themselves up!


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