Memories of the One Room School House

Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I love old things, or at least things that have a bit of history to them.

Something that, for many years, I’ve been on the hunt for is an old fashioned school desk…the kind used in one room school houses. I’ve been searching for such a desk ever since I fell in love with the one that was in the home of an old high school friend of mine (that’s you Peter!).

I’d almost given up hope, when all of a sudden a woman in the Whitehorse area decided to put hers up for sale. It is now settled quite happily into one corner of our livingroom.

Note the series of three photos on the seat of the desk. They are pictures taken of my mom and her classes during the 1940s (Mom is in the middle of the back row). You can also see her school bell that she used to call kids in from recess and lunch hour (well before the days of the automated buzzer).

The Maggie Muggins book is one that my mother bought second hand for me when I was a child.






2 thoughts on “Memories of the One Room School House

  1. Very cool, Janet! The desk is beautiful, and what a great way to display some of your treasures.

    This makes me think of two nostalgic-type things you might be interested in.

    1. One summer when I was visiting my Oma in Germany, I exhausted the English section of the local library. One series of books I absolutely loved centred around a boy named Penrod. I have since searched for the books, to no avail. But last month I found a copy of “Penrod and Sam” at Well-Read books. The book has a disclaimer printed on the inside front jacket, that it is complete and unabridged despite being printed in war-time, following government regulations about conservation of paper. And there’s a “Happy birthday” inscription inside, dated October 1943.

    2. I have a girlfriend in Victoria who is in love with all things nostalgic. She’s a professional blogger, but she recently started a private blog that already has quite a large following, called “The Life Nostalgic”. I bet you’d enjoy some of her writings. You can check it out here:


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