A Good Idea in Theory But…

Problem: Chanel, being the hot climate gal that she is, has very little fur around the pads of her feet. That means once the temperatures drop to much past minus 10, she needs booties when going for a walk. The challenge is that she’s constantly losing them (her booties; not her feet!), and at $20 a set, it gets pricey very quickly.

Solution: I would make her a designer set, with enough extra material for spares. I’d choose dayglo orange. That way, they’d be easier to find in the snow if she did lose one. I’d also put slipguard material on them – the kind found on the feet of toddlers’ sleepers – to keep her from slipping on the ice (a problem she has with normal fleece booties). And – and here’s where I thought I’d had a stroke of brilliance – I’d put ‘idiot strings’ on them using elastic, so that there’d be no chance of her losing them.

The first part of my plan seemed to go OK.


But the idiot strings….not so much!


The elastic kept sliding off her bum. I suppose I could try pinning it to her fleece coat, but even if that worked, she just looked downright uncomfortable trying to walk with this contraption.

Poor Chanel. Guess it’s back to the drawing board. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “A Good Idea in Theory But…

  1. Make the idiot strings run back left to front right and back right to front left crossing over her back, then you won’t have possible yucky strings.


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