Conversation With A Very Opinionated Cortona


My Fluevog Cortonas

Fluevog Contona: Ahem. Hellooooooo!

Me: Huh?

FC: Yes my dear. It’s you I wish to converse with.

Me: Wow! Not only are you gorgeous but you can talk too!! Kind of hoity-toity talk, but talk nonetheless.

FC: Yes, well, it’s important for one to be conversent in a number of languages besides one’s native tongue (in my case Venetian). And no matter the language, elocution is necessitous. A tragedy that it is such a lost art! In any event my dear, I have a bit of an issue to discuss with you.

Me: OK. What’s up?

FC: It’s your spending habits my dear. They appear to be rather out of control these days. First it was that green lacy garment. Way too short in my opinion, with lace of dubious quality. What ever happened to bespoke attire anyway? Then…

Me: Now wait a minute. I almost never buy new clothes. And that green dress was so unique. And beautiful. It spoke to the 50s girl bubbling just below the surface inside me. I have no regrets about buying that dress. Anyway, I think once you meet her you two will get along just fine.

FC: Yes my dear, but it wasn’t just this one abito. What about that black wool cape you bought on eBay the other day? Your capenorthern climes are hardly suitable for such attire.

Me: Oh, but that cape is one of a kind. It is hand-made and the embroidery on it is so intricate and beautiful. It made me think of a First Nation’s button blanket. It’s my nod to Chief Theresa Spence.

FC: Well, that may be all well and good my love, but the fact remains that there’s a way bill sitting on your coffee table for the new windows you just had installed in the children’s bedrooms. And need I remind you that you’ll soon have a new baby in your life to…

Me: SHHHHH! We’re not telling people about that yet.

FC: Well in any event, my point is dear that I think you must strive to become a bit more disciplined about your finances. Accountancy is most important.

Me: But then you would never have come into my life!

FC: Ahem, well yes dearie. I quite understand why I would be rather irresistible to someone of your disposition. True beauty is difficult to turn oneself away from.

Me:  As soon as I laid my eyes on you, you had me. That Louis the 14th hexagonal heel! Your beautifully stamped suede! Your baroque vibe whisked me back to 17th century Venice. I could just imagine myself dancing the bouree amidst a kaleidoscope of beautifully dressed and masked courtesans.

FC: Ah yes. Those were the days. I miss them dreadfully.

Me: Come come my little Cortonas. Let’s stop this bickering about money. I’ll put on some of your favourite Monteverdi music. We’ll dance. Money is just money. But you, my favourite shoes, you are pure magic.

FC: (blush) (sigh)

*Note that this post was inspired by one from this blogger.


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