Invasion of the Seagulls

Pulling out my sewing machine to stitch up those booties for Chanel was a good thing. Now that it’s set up I’m being spurred on to tackle other jobs that have been on my ‘to do’ list for far too long.DSCN3342

Today’s project was to cover a very ugly, stained Ikea chair that we’ve had since before the kids were born. It’s been sitting in our family room, taking lots of abuse from the brood. At one point it was covered with an Aztec-looking fabric, but when that wore through I removed it and just never got around to making a new cover.

The original fabric is a dirty white (even when it was clean it was a dirty white…now it’s an even dirtier white). Pretty uninspiring. I had already covered the seat before I thought to take a photo, so what you are seeing here is the back cushion.

The new fabric I found for pennies at the Salvation Army.

The chair is still rather ugly. But at least it’s a clean, fresh ugly. I just hope those seagulls don’t poop all over it!



One thought on “Invasion of the Seagulls

  1. It’s looking much better than it was. I admire your ambition, even though I may be born of necessity. I’ve never tackled covering furniture. Julie has and she’s quite good at it. So are you.


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