Freakish Yellow Skirt 1, Mother Nature 0

Generally I have a great deal of respect for Mother Nature. Normally I don’t mess with her. But there comes a time when enough is enough. There comes a times when you have to fight back. There comes a time to bring out….the BIG-FLOWY-SUNSHINEY-BRIMING-WITH-POSITIVITY-FREAKISH-YELLOW-SKIRT!

You see, in spite of the snow storms raging just hours north of me this May long week-end, and in spite of snowflakes flying in my own neck of the woods this morning as I sat in the truck waiting for the garden centre to open, none of that mattered. Because I was wearing THE SKIRT. And as soon as I stepped outside the vehicle, I could almost hear Mother Nature gasp. This was not a line of defense that she was expecting, nor obviously were her minions the snowflakes; they immediately scattered and retreated.

Take that, Mother Nature!  Bam!  Into my greenhouse go the tomato, zuccini, oregano, thyme and basil plants.

Pow! Into my outside garden beds go the lettuce, radish, pea, kale, spinach, and swiss chard seeds. The root crops will be next.

Sock! Zow! With my yellow skirt, me and my garden are invincible. Hell, together we could grow orchids in January!


This skirt has a bit of a story (no surprise given its magical powers).

It all goes back to last December. I was not only dealing with the deep dark Yukon winter, but my health was suffering…some stupid rash that decided to have a field day with 90 percent of my body. On the day I was feeling most sorry for myself, I stumbled across the most wonderful blog; in particular this post.

In my current state of mind, that skirt seemed to me to be my salvation. I desperately wanted, no NEEDED it to travel to the Yukon. But of course there were many, many ahead of me waiting to receive its positivity and healing touch. I eventually resigned myself to the fact that the skirt and I were not fated to meet.

Weeks later, I came across a bright yellow sundress in a local thrift store. As a dress it was about five sizes too big. But I saw the potential. I knew it was another FREAKISH POSITIVITY SKIRT in the rough. So I lopped off the bodice and turned it into a jupe extraordinare.

My first thought was that it could be travelling around the world at the same time as Melanie’s skirt, in parallel universes. I had visions of them meeting up at the end of their ventures and swapping intergalactic travel stories, reminiscent of the conversations Marc Garneau and Chris Hatfield might be having right about now.  But Melanie very gently explained that for this time out, the original FREAKISH SKIRT is destined to be on a lone mission. So LITTLE SISTER FREAK must bide her time in the Yukon. I still hold out hope of a meeting of FREAKS at some point in the future.

Thanks Melanie for your continued inspiration by way of your art, your clothing, and your blog posts. They always put a smile on my face!



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