Waste Not, Want Not

I detest wasting food. Sadly, some weeks things get lost at the back of the fridge until it’s too late to save them. This week I was determined not to let that happen.

Here’s what I rescued from my fridge and kitchen counter this morning and what I made/am in the process of making with it:

1. Four overripe bananas – three went into a banana loaf; one into the freezer for future smoothies

2. Various kinds of apples – apple/cranberry crisp

3. A plethora of eggs – one in a breakfast omelet, two more in the banana bread (still thinking of ways to use up a few more)

4. Chicken carcass – big pot of chicken soup for lunches next week

5. Bag of mushrooms – some in the omelet, the rest in the chicken soup

6. Celery – some in the chicken soup, more in a pot of moose stew, and more still in a pot of chili (I love having lots of freezer meals on hand)

7. Green onions – omelet and chicken soup

8. (Not so fresh) parsley – chicken soup, chili, stew

9. Grape tomatoes that have seen better days – omelet, chili

Very basic meals but nothing wasted, so I’m feeling pretty good. Is my halo shining yet? 🙂






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