Life is Grand!


It’s official. I can now get the senior’s discount at both Shopper’s Drug Mart and the local Salvation Army thrift store!

Seriously, this is going to be a great year! Here’s what’s in my future:

-Tripping off to San Juan Island, Washington State in a few weeks with my dear friend Lucca

-Down to Vancouver in late May with my daughter to dance in the isles at a Lady Gaga concert

-Off to Juneau, Alaska in June to do some hiking, see my old yoga teacher, and enjoy some singing and drumming at a big Tlingit cultural gathering

-Nine days of hiking parts of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland in July, and seeing another dear friend and hopefully another old friend I used to work with; a quick (24 hour) stop in N.S. along the way to check in with my family and friends there

-Hunting and gathering in August (well, it’s Joe who does the hunting; I’m more about the gardening and berry picking)

-Back down to Vancouver in September for a week-end with Joe, just because

And best of all, all the surprises that will come along the way!

Life at 55 is grand!!


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