Sarah and Rachel

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What a great evening last night at the Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse! First up, Sarah McDougall. She’s been in the Yukon and at the Atlin Music Festival before but I’ve never had a chance to see her. Her lyrics and tone took my breath away!

She was followed by the Scottish singer/songwriter Rachel Sermanni, who performed last summer at the Dawson City Music Festival but who, again, I have never seen before. It blows me away that she is only in her early 20s! To me she’s a bit Tim Berton-ish (something about her almost eerie melodies and lyrics; her movements; even her eyes) with a touch of Eva Cassidy thrown in. It was a very haunting and powerful performance.

Story: at our last Robbie Burns supper, a new friend of ours, Claire Rouleau, sang the song “Ae Fond Kiss”.  She learned the song with the help of Rachel Sermanni’s version found on YouTube. After the performance last night, I relayed this to Rachel and she appeared genuinely tickled.

Thanks Iris for a wonderful birthday gift!



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