My ABC’s of Travel

I am chomping at the bit to head off on my next adventure, which takes place in a couple of days when I travel to Juneau, Alaska. In the meantime, here is a fun questionnaire that I came across.

A: age you went on your first international trip: I was 16 when I travelled to Finland with my high school concert band.

B: best foreign beer you have ever had, and where: I am not a beer drinker, but I have to say that Kingfisher beer went down pretty easily in the heat of the day in India.

C: cuisine (favourite): that’s a tough one, but I would put Chinese pretty high on my list. Indian comes a pretty close second.

D: destination – favourite, least favourite, and why: favourite is Spain, as I have a special place in my heart for the Spanish people and their approach to life. Least favourite is Mumbai, only because I found it overwhelming arriving there after three years of living on Baffin Island.

la alhambra

E: event you experienced abroad that made you say ‘Wow’: there have been many; one is the time I attended a performance of Schonberg’s Erwartung, by the Berlin Orchestra. I was in Granada, Spain during a music and dance festival. I don’t enjoy all modern classical music, but this piece had a long lasting effect on me.

F: favourite mode of transportation: my own two feet, followed closely by train

G: greatest feeling while travelling: the sense of adventure and surprise around every corner.

H:  hottest place you have travelled to:  Khajuraho, India., at something like 45+ degrees by 9 a.m.

I: incredible service you have experienced: on a houseboat in Kashmir, India. We were treated like royalty.

J:  journey that took the longest: walking the Camino de Santiago; it took me 5 weeks.

distance sign

K: keepsakes from your travels: some colourful glasses from Murano near Venice.

L: letdown site: where and why: the Guinness Tour in Dublin: overpriced, over crowded.

M:  moment when you fell in love with travel: I have loved going on trips for as long as I can remember. As a farming family we were never able to go far, but even short road trips were always a treat.

N: nicest hotel you have stayed in: probably one of the Paradors in Spain; either the one in Granada or in Leon.


O: obsession: what are you obsessed with taking pictures of when you travel: FOOD!

P: passport stamps: how many and from where: my most recent passport has stamps from Italy, Ireland, and the U.S.  Older passports (I have kept almost all of them) include stamps from India, Nepal, Argentina, Cuba, France x 2, Spain, earlier trip to Italy, England, Scotland, Finland, Greenland and multiple ones for the U.S.

Q: quirkiest attraction you have visited: huge statue of a flower in Buenos Aires. The petals opened in the morning and closed at night.

metal flower

R: recommended site, event, or experience: walk one of the Camino de Santiago routes, and do it by yourself.

S: splurge: something you have no trouble forking over money for: one really nice meal in each country I visit.

T: touristy thing you have done: rode a camel in Rajasthan, India.

U: unforgettable travel memory: oh boy, there are many! I will say the views while hiking in Nepal. Stunning!

V: visas: how many and from where: I have actually only had one visa, for Nepal.

W: wine: best glass of wine while travelling: some of the wine I have enjoyed the most has been simple but delicious house wines in Italy and Spain. I did have a pretty tasty glass while eating at the French Laundry in San Francisco.


X: eXellent view, and from where: from the Alhambra, Spain at sunset.

Y: years spent travelling: on and off for a lot of my adult life, although these were a number of years when our kids were little when we didn’t venture outside of Canada.

Z: zealous sports fans and where: watched a soccer game in Aberdeen, Scotland that was between The Rangers and Aberdeen.


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