All Prepped

Spent part of today doing another grocery shop and prepping for some future meals for my Beyond Mr. Noodles project.

Realized I had a $10 credit at Shopper’s, so I bought a bag of granola ($2.99), a tub of yoghurt ($2.99), a loaf of whole grain bread ($2.99), and a can of tomatoes ($1.49) for a total, after the credit, of 46 cents.

Also went to a store that sells spices in bulk and purchased 10 grams of each of the following:

Tumeric – 65 cents

Whole cumin seeds – 70 cents

Red whole chilies – 75 cents

Total spent so far: $57.34

Amount left: $92.66

I then came home and roasted my chicken, removed the meat from the carcass and froze it in seven separate packets, drained off the fat from the roasting pan and stored it for later use, added water to the roasting pan and brought it to a boil to make a quick stock that I then used as the cooking liquid for a pot of brown rice. I divided the cooked rice into three serving sizes and froze it. Next I added the bones, skin, and feet of the chicken to my crock pot along with an onion and a carrot, and will let it cook away until tomorrow morning, at which time I will use that stock to make a big pot of chicken rice soup. I also have a pot of black turtle beans soaking.

I am still trying to figure out what I will do for fruit. Joe bought a box of Ambrosia apples from a local hockey team (a fundraiser). The apples worked out to almost $1.50 each; too much for my budget. I can buy organic apples at the grocery store for 61 cents each and from the Potluck Food Co-op for slightly more. I’ll make a decision on that tomorrow.


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