Day 3


It was time for another grocery shop. I’d used up the last of my carrots, plus I was looking for a bit of variety. I took advantage of my rule that I could shop from my cupboards as long as I charged my ‘purchases’ against my monthly allowance, so I calculated the cost of a squash that has been sitting on our counter for the last week ($1.08) and three of my garden potatoes (48 cents for all three).

At the grocery store I picked up four Yukon grown carrots (8 cents! I suspect the scanner made a mistake?), a bag of organic sweet potatoes ($4.97), and a jar of peanut butter ($3.97).

But the purchase I got the most excited about was a carton of my friend’s locally raised eggs (Sunnyside Farm – no website yet as they are just starting out). They cost $5.00 for a dozen, more than the store bought eggs, but 100 times better in terms of flavour, plus I know her chickens get to be chickens and not sad caged creatures.

Total purchases today: $15.59
Total spent so far: $72.93
Total left for the month: $77.07

Yikes!! Only a few days in and I’ve spent over half my budget. Based on what I have now, I hope to make it to Day 14 before needing to do another major shop, but it remains to be seen if I can. There may be a few days of eating nothing but beans and rice.

Breakfast: granola and blueberry yogurt again, with a glass of water. Cost: zero dollars. Luckily I am not a coffee drinker. If I were, I think I would be going through major withdrawal right about now.

Lunch: toasted sardine sandwiches and coleslaw without the dressing. I am loving the naked veggies. In university I hardly ever dressed my salads. Eating them again au naturale has made me realize I prefer them this way. Cost: 95 cents (45 cents for the salad and 50 cents for the half tin of sardines, which was the half left over from last night’s pasta dish). The bread was free, since it came from my $10 credit from Shoppers. Water again – free.

Snacks: an organic apple (61 cents) and more yogurt (free from the Shoppers credit).


Dinner: Organic chicken with puréed cilantro stems on top ($2.42), organic potatoes roasted in chicken fat (48 cents), and 1/4 of a squash, again roasted in chicken fat (27 cents). Water – free. Add in a few cents for the cilantro stems and salt and pepper and the total for dinner: $3.20.

Total for the day: $4.76

Surprise of the day: how appreciative I am of my meals. I am enjoying them far more than I expected and am feeling more thankful than usual for my food.

Now to the question of carry over. Everyone who has commented on this blog or my Facebook page thinks I should be able to carry over from day to day anything I don’t spend up to my $5 a day limit. So I’ll take your advice and adopt this as one of my rules. What that means is that as of today, I have a ‘credit’ of $1.33 cents. A weekly treat would be nice, but the sensible part of me feels I may need it for something more basic.


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