Day 5 – Awash in Food

I am surrounded by food. My workplace for example…just about any day of the week there is free food for the taking. It might be leftovers from a meeting, or from a celebration for someone’s retirement, or simply because a staff member decided to bake something and bring it in to share. Today I was still trying to avoid the bowls of Halloween candy that were placed in my way to test my willpower.

Here in Whitehorse over the next two evenings, there are at least five free public events that will offer free food. These are only the ones I know about; there are probably a few more.

There are four art show openings. They are always good for fancy finger food. There is also one business ‘after hours’ event, another great score for anyone looking for free food and drink.

I probably won’t be going to any of these functions, since attending events at the end of the day when I am starving and can only ‘look but not touch’ makes for a grumpy Janet. Best to go home and cook my dinner. However this has given me an idea for another food project. I am curious to know just how much I could feed myself by eating only free food from community/work events and what that diet might look like. And I’d love to see people’s reactions if I came to these events dressed in worn clothing, no make-up, unwashed, etc. It would be interesting, don’t you think?

I remember not too long ago, watching a member of the public ‘load up’ on food that the company I work for had set out at a community meeting. His actions annoyed me, and in a low moment, I thought him a cheapskate stuffing his pockets with food. Some time later, I saw him collecting a bag from the local food bank, and I was ashamed of myself for my earlier thoughts.


Today’s summary:

Breakfast: I enjoyed my eggs so much last night I decided to have another one for breakfast (42 cents), along with a half a tin of sardines (50 cents). Tiny bit of pureed cilantro stems on top for flavour and colour, along with some salt and pepper (let’s say three cents worth). Total cost: 95 cents. Sorry about the rather blurry photo.

Lunch: Two open faced toasted peanut butter sandwiches with 1/4 of an organic apple sliced on top. Bread was free, peanut butter was 24 cents for two tablespoons, and the apple slices were 15 cents. Total cost: 39 cents

Snacks: blueberry yogurt (free) and the rest of my apple (46 cents)


Dinner: black beans and brown rice (48 cents), some cilantro on top (10 cents), and half a serving of organic chicken ($1.21). I meant to have some carrot sticks with this meal, but totally forgot. It was filling; I have leftovers for tomorrow. Total cost for dinner: $1.79

Total for the day: $3.59

Total of ‘credits’ available for carry-over: $3.05


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