Day 6 – There Are Others Out There

I mentioned at the beginning of my Beyond Mr. Noodles Challenge that a number of other people have tried similar things. In particular I came across a few people in the United States who have done this. I thought you might be interested in checking out their blogs.

One Dollar Diet Project

Hungry for a Month

Less Is Enough

Today’s summary:

It was leftovers day. And while usually I enjoy leftovers, today’s left me feeling uninspired and dreaming about a big salad and a family size bar of dark chocolate. I also noticed I didn’t have my usual level of energy. I suspect I am not getting enough calories, or perhaps my body hasn’t yet adjusted to the lower number of calories it’s receiving.

sproutsOr maybe it’s neither of those things but instead I am tired after a busy work week.

Today I went on the hunt to find something to address my craving for fresh and crunchy. I have carrots and cabbage of course, but have discovered that eating too much cabbage upsets my stomach, so something else was in order.

Enter sprouting seeds! These babies pack a nutritional punch and are tasty and affordable. Buying organic sprouting seeds through the Potluck Food Co-op (the cheapest place in town I could find them) cost me $3.10 for 125 grams of a mix of lentil, radish, alfalfa, red clover, and mustard seeds. I actually had a package of these in my cupboard, so I shopped from there, counting the money against my total. The cost works out to be about 39 cents a tablespoon, and I figure a couple of tablespoons should produce enough sprouts to keep me going for at least two days and maybe more. I started some in a jar tonight; they’ll be ready to eat next Tuesday or Wednesday. Photo taken from the Mumm’s website.

By the way, if you want to know more about sprouts you can contact Philippe Mouchet in Whitehorse (he has a Facebook page). He is a great promoter of sprouting, offers classes from time to time, lives on little else, and believes sprouting is the solution to world hunger. There’s also some information on this website.

Breakfast: sardines on toast, with the sardines left over from yesterday (50 cents for the fish, zero dollars for the toast). Water to drink. Total: 50 cents

Lunch: leftover beans and rice from last night (zero dollars as they were counted as part of last night’s meal), squash (27 cents) and water. Total cost: 27 cents

Snacks: blueberry yogurt (zero dollars) and an organic apple (61 cents)

Dinner: Chicken fried rice that included brown rice, onion, carrot, cilantro, garlic, and organic chicken, and about 5 cents worth of salt and pepper. Water. Cost: $1.00 per serving. I made enough for two meals and froze the second one. I had fully intended to take a photo of my dinner but I was so hungry I completely forgot until it was half gone :-/

Total for the day: $3.13

Total of ‘credits’ available to carry over: $4.92

Groceries purchased today: $3.85

Total cost of groceries purchased so far: $76.78

Total left for the month: $73.22

Edited to say: after I wrote this post I had a weak moment and ended up eating a bag of the potato chips we had left over from Halloween. Yes I know…empty calories. But they tasted sooo good! Based on what I would have paid if I bought them from our snack shop at work, I charged myself 75 cents.  As a result, I had to go back and recalculate all my numbers.


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