Day 7 – Hitting a Wall

Today was a bit of a tough day. I woke up hungry, and breakfast wasn’t enough to totally satisfy me. At 11 a.m. I started doing some housework. Nothing out of the ordinary…vacuuming, dusting, laundry. By 11:30 I had to stop. I was feeling weak and light-headed. Clearly I wasn’t getting the calories I needed, and based on how pale I looked I could probably do with more iron in my system. My admiration and sympathy grows by the day for people who struggle to put food on the table.

Time for a change in strategy. I had some cow’s liver in the freezer from a local ranch, at a cost of $4.00 a pound. Trouble was it was frozen in a large block…there was probably at least three pounds there. My budget couldn’t handle a $12.00 hit right now. There was a cow’s tongue from the same ranch, 2 pounds in weight. I considered it, but decided to head downtown to see if I could find a one serving piece of liver instead.

Sadly I struck out. None at either the butchers or the grocery store. The guy in the meat department said it’s snapped up as soon as it’s put out. Who knew liver was so popular these days? I thought it had gone out of favour.

Next I looked at the kale. It was almost $3.00. Sigh. I did see heads of broccoli for $1.77 though, so picked up one of those.

Then back to the meat department I went, not ready to give up on my craving for red meat. I spied a small piece of sirloin steak for $1.80. I could get two meals out of it. So into my basket it went.  I would live to fight another day!


Today’s summary:

imageBreakfast: one scrambled egg on one piece of whole wheat toast. Salt, pepper and puréed cilantro stems on the egg. Cost: 45 cents

Lunch: bowl of chicken rice soup. Cost: $2.71

Dinner: Dahl and rice, with onion, garlic, cilantro, tumeric, cumin seeds, salt, and a dried chili pepper in the dahl. Half the piece of steak. Total cost: $1.14

Snack: Apple. Cost: 61 cents.

Total cost for the day: $4.91

Total credits for carry-over: $5.01

Total spent so far:  $80.35

Total left to spend: $69.75


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