Day 8 – Dilemma #2

Several weeks ago, I purchased tickets for Joe and I to attend one of the Met’s high definition offerings of Carmen, showing at the Arts Centre. A lunch of soup and bread was included in the ticket. When I was drawing up the rules for my Beyond Mr. Noodles Challenge I forgot about this event. Now what?

After pondering this for some time, I have decided to take advantage of this lunch. Yes, it’s against the rules. But it seems silly to pass it up given that it’s been paid for. To make up for this I will tack an extra half day on to the end of my challenge. There is so much about this challenge that is artificial compared to what life must be like for those living on a limited budget over the longer term. This is one more example of that.

I can say though that instances like this make me more acutely aware that not having money for eating out or entertaining in tends to be isolating. There have been a couple of times already that I have had to say no to going out for lunch with colleagues or friends. 

Today’s summary:

imageBreakfast: a blast of protein with peanut butter/granola balls (24 cents) served with half an apple (30 cents) and some yogurt for dipping (free). Total cost: 54 cents

Lunch: organic soup and bread from Alpine Bakery. Free.

Dinner: two-egg ($1.24) omelette with caramelized onions (9 cents) and some salt, pepper and cilantro (3 cents), a serving of steamed broccoli (44 cents) and a small portion of brown rice (12 cents). Total:  $1.92

Snack: other half of the apple. Cost: 31 cents.

Total cost for the day: $2.77

I am not going to give myself any credits for the day, given that I had lunch outside of this project cost. So total credits that can be carried over remain at $5.01.


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