Day 10 – Christmas Came, and Man Am I Bad at Math!

Sorry for the delayed post. It’s been rather crazy around our house of late and I simply didn’t have an opportunity to post this yesterday.

Here is the day’s summary:

Breakfast: 1 piece of whole wheat toast with peanut putter. Cost: 12 cents

Lunch: chicken rice soup. Cost: $2.71



My friends Jocelyn and Dave served up what, as you can see, was a wonderful feast: a moose stew with a biscuit topping, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and three different salads (including one that Joe brought with us when we came to dinner). There were spring rolls as an appetizer, and for dessert, apple pie and ice-cream. It really did seem like Christmas had arrived early. Everything was so delicious! Total cost to me: zero dollars!

Not only that, but Dave sent me home with a bad of wild meat for future meals!

I am a very lucky girl.

Now, the other bit of amazing news. As we were chatting about my monthly food allowance, it dawned on me that I have given myself $5 a day for 30 days. I have no idea then why I have been going on the preface that I had a total of $140 to spent. I actually have $150 to spend!! Math was never my strong subject 🙂  I have gone back and fixed all my totals. The correct numbers are:

Total spent today: $2.83

Total ‘credits’ for carry-over: $7.20

Total spent so far:  $80.35

Total left to spend: $69.75


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