Day 11 – Bowing Out For Now

There was so much I had planned to write about today…about what I was going to do with the additional $10 that I discovered I had, about how I was going to prepare the wonderful wild meat that I was given last night, and about the fact that most of us do get by through the kindness of others, and we should remember to reciprocate whenever we can. But life has a way of throwing a curve ball from time to time, and our family was recently thrown a rather big one.

Without betraying confidences, I’ll just say that a couple of my family members really need me right now. It doesn’t make sense for me to be devoting a fair chunk of my day to a rather artificial social science project when there is a very real situation that needs to be attended to.

Do I think I could have finished this 30 day challenge had this not come up? Yes I do. I can be pretty stubborn, and I was determined to see this through. But I do think I’ve made the right decision. And even though I’ve only completed one-third of the month, I certainly feel I’ve had my eyes opened about certain things. I will never take for granted the food I am lucky enough to have, and I will do my best to never waste it.

I thank all of you who have followed me for the last ten days and who have offered suggestions and support. I hope I haven’t disappointed you by not finishing the challenge.

Oh, and as for what’s for dinner tonight? Those amazing moose sausage that Dave gave me last night!


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Bowing Out For Now

  1. I have been following your experiment closely. What a sobering discovery, seeing how far that money can take you with a healthy diet, and even then you were left with a gnawing at your stomach. The rescue of friends does show how much community matters, hey? And I never thought that not being good at math could be so welcome, in a convoluted way. Heh. Thanks for doing this and sharing it. I know too that you would have found a way to make it to the end of November.


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