Fortune Smiles on Me

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be more fortunate than others? I’m talking here about more than just financially. That does play a role of course, but I am thinking about this in a more wholistic way I guess.

I am pondering this today as I enjoy an afternoon off from work. This is a milestone year for me, having been with the company I work for, for 10 years. Today all of us who have reached significant milestones were treated to a delicious meal and then sent home to enjoy the rest of the day. It gave me an opportunity to go for a long walk with my dog. It was mild, light snow was falling, and it was incredibly peaceful. How lucky I am to work for a company that granted me this serenity at a time when my life in general is pretty busy.

But as I look back, I have always been fortunate, even as far back as my birth. It appeared I needed a blood transfusion and was rushed to hospital in the big city. Though an error, the doctors forgot to get a sample of my father’s blood. This could have proved fatal. But somehow things turned around and I was fine after all.image

Since that day, fortune has followed me. I grew up on a farm where I learned the value of hard work and an appreciation for the gifts nature has given us. I’ve had a varied and interesting career. I’ve had amazing people in my life all the way along who have challenged and taught me. And I’ve had the chance to pursue my dreams.

What I don’t know is why life has been so easy for me. Yes of course I’ve had struggles, but they seem minor compared to the hardships and pain of so many others. In a tiny corner of my mind there is a fear that fate is just biding its time, waiting to hit me with the zowie. Who knows. All I know is that I’m feeling pretty darned grateful right now. xxx.


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