My Wish For You

advent-2010-015My family must be tired of hearing me say that I am convinced time is speeding up. But I am 100 percent certain that is the case. Here it is Christmas Eve, and just yesterday it was August. The day before yesterday it was Christmas 2004. And last week my kids were still babies in my arms.

Even though life is whizzing by, it’s sure been a delight. And looking ahead, I have a strong suspicion that 2015 is going to be a particularly good year. I sense change and adventure and learning…all things that feed my soul.

There’s a trip to Turkey in my future, a visit to see my Ontario family, and one or two quick jaunts to Vancouver to visit with dear friends. There’s a fresh gardening season to plan for and dream about. There are life lessons to be learned on the yoga melfat. And of course, God willing, there’s another 12 months of watching my grandbaby grow and learn by leaps and bounds.

For my husband, it will likely be the year he retires. For my kids, new educational or career opportunities may be around the corner.

Yes of course there are some pretty horrendous things going on in this world. I have too many times found myself wallowing in all of that, feeling terribly helpless and desolate. But feeling desolate does not a solution make, and so I choose instead to focus my energy on the amazing. And there is a whole lot of amazing going on!

I wish you a blessed Christmas, and may you have the best year of your life in 2015.

Peace and love,


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