The List

Joe and I are going to Turkey in the spring, so this morning I pulled out my travel file to add the visas I purchased yesterday. I figured I should make a to-do list of the things that still needed taken care of in terms of travel arrangements.

I walked to the cupboard to find a pen, and happened to look over at the antique school desk that sits in the corner of our living room.

It needed dusting.

I grabbed a dusting cloth and gave the desk a wipe, but it still looked dull.

I pulled out the lemon oil and gave the desktop a good polish.

I decided to return to the desk the things that had been there pre-Christmas and that had been packed away to make room for decorations.

I took out of storage some old school books and a collection of framed photos of my mother’s classes that she taught in the 1930s and 1940s.

I thought the photos needed to be hung and not just propped up on the desk.

I removed the painting that was above the desk, and hung the school pics.

The frame was too low.

I went to the garage to get a hammer, changed the location of the nail, and rehung the photos.

I spent five minutes looking at all the art in my living room.

I remembered I had been after a pen.

I found one and went back to my Turkey file.

The pen was out of ink.

I ran upstairs to find another one.

On the way I noticed some dirty dish towels that had been left on the stairs for the next person going up to take to the laundry room.

I scooped them up and delivered them to their intended location.

I went into my bedroom and retrieved a working pen.

I saw the box of Purdy’s chocolates I had received for Christmas.

I ate one.

I ate a second one.

I ran downstairs back to my Turkey file, pen in hand.

I smelled the meatloaf I had put in the oven earlier.

I took it out to cool.

I went back to my to-do list.

I jotted down two things.

I tried to think of a third, but couldn’t.


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