On Aging, and Fighting Back

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker had a mild heart attack. She is my age. Someone else I am close to, a few years older than me, just found out he has arthritis.

As much as I hate to admit it, I have reached the age where I can no longer take good health for granted. Enter my new regime. I have never been a runner, even as a kid. Never liked it. But a couple of very supportive colleagues of mine have started me on a learn to run program…zero to 5 k over the course of several weeks. I am in Week 2, and in fact am quite enjoying it. Also enjoying my morning shakes…today it is cherry, mango, banana, chia seeds and flax meal with almond milk. Onward and upward.

image image


3 thoughts on “On Aging, and Fighting Back

  1. Hello The Wonderful Janet,
    Good for you for starting the running thing. Cautionary note: watch out for your joints and don’t run on cement. Running at our age (sorry for bringing that up) requires a bit more care and attention than is needed by those young whippersnappers! Though, as a yogi, you are probably better placed than most. I love your blog and read it from time-to-time for its all-round awesomeness. My best to Joe.


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