Hiking the Cape Split Trail

I had wanted to do this hike for quite some time, and finally made the time for it on my most recent visit to Nova Scotia. It’s a 16-kilometre ancient trail near Canning in the Annapolis Valley. Cape Split has always had significance for the Mi’kmaq people, since they believe it was the home of Glooscap.

It was a gorgeous day for the hike…23 degrees and sunny, but with a breeze from the ocean.

The dirt trail is well worn and it is impossible to get lost. However just to make sure, yellow markers have been added all along the way.

There are some roots, and because it had rained recently some muddy spots, but overall the trail is in great shape. While there were hills,  I would say anyone in reasonable shape should have no trouble with this hike. We met several kids (ages 9-12 probably) along the trail.

After walking through woods for about an hour and a half, we came to the tip of the cape and were awarded with some beautiful views. There is a grassy area for a picnic, which we took full advantage of.

This is definitely worth a few hours of your time if you find yourself in the area.







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