Puzzle Pieces

I went to the book launch last night of my beautiful friend and neighbour, Joanna Lilley. Her new book of poetry, called “If There Were Roads” is an examination of and nostalgia for place and home.


Listening to Joanna read several of the poems last night, it made me think about how little bits of me are scattered throughout the world, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This I find both comforting and heart breaking at the same time. Does a traveller get to the stage where they are so fractured they can’t be put back together again? Or, when leaving a piece of one’s heart in every place they have been, does that old adage apply:  ‘the more you love, the more love you have to give’? Maybe it is a bit of both.

To all of us attending last night’s reading, Joanna provided postcards of Yukon, to be sent to friends and family who want to visit the place I currently inhabit. Who to choose?


There’s only one way to settle this. Send me a note telling me why you want to visit Yukon. I will randomly select one of you and mail you this postcard, plus if you do end up visiting here, I will contribute $50 Canadian towards your transportation costs.

Joanna’s books are available at amazon.ca or if you are in Whitehorse, they can be purchased at Mac’s Fireweed Books.