Hiking Back in Time

What started out as driving rain turned, within a matter of about 20 minutes, into a sunny hot evening for my Wednesday night hike. The destination this time was Canyon City, an historic spot on the banks of the Yukon River near the once tumultuous rapids at Miles Canyon. During the time of the Klondike Gold Rush (1896 – 1899) the waters here were the nemesis of many gold seekers trying to reach Dawson City. About 300 rafts crashed against the rocks, and a handful of people died. Some enterprising souls set up a tramline at Canyon City to help people transport their goods around the rapids. They charged 3 cents per pound to have goods hauled on the horse-drawn cars to Whitehorse, about 8 kilometres downstream.

The rapids were tamed once a hydro dam was built near here in the late 1950s, and all that remains of the once thriving community of Canyon City are piles of tin cans and some decaying logs from old buildings. Modern additions include a replica of a tram line and some interpretive signage.

This is a family-friendly walk that should hold interest for anyone. The Yukon Conservation Society provides guided hikes here in the summer. Check their website for details.

Oh, and there is at least one geochache in the area, but I am not going to tell you where it is!

milescanyon4milescanyon2milescayon3Detail of one of the tin cans. Notice the jagged way it was opened.

An historic photo taken from one of the interpretive panels. This was Canyon City in its heyday and shows the tranway.
Replica of the tramway