My Attempt at 24 (Caches) in 24 (Hours)

Who’s up for a geocaching marathon? I thought I was, so I gave myself the goal of finding 24 caches in 24 hours.

I was perhaps a tad optimistic. One of the first caches of the day ended up being much further away than it appeared. I was not able to find four of the caches I was seeking, and spent too much valuable time on them when I should have just moved on. And then my phone/GPS app died on me, cutting my day a bit short.

All in all, I walked about 18 kilometres today, found 16 caches, and saw some beautiful parts of our city.

Geocaches come in all sizes…from tiny pill bottles…
…to containers the size of picnic coolers!
They can be hidden in hollowed-out tree stumps…
…inside equipment or pipes…
…underneath interpretive signs (magnets hold them in place)…
…or underneath fallen trees. Lots of other places too.
This takes the prize for being the cleverest one I found today. It looks like a bolt, right? I glanced at it a few times before I clued in that it was out of place. I reached under the park bench where it was located and gave it a pull. It turned out…
…the top of the bolt screwed off, allowing a tiny log book to be stored in the hollow bolt! The metal pin is there so the finder can remove the log, sign it, and carefully put it back the way they found it.
Not that I needed any reminders, but today there was lots of evidence that I share this city with wildlife. The lid of this geocache has had a good gnawing by some kind of animal. I saw deer tracks, fresh but not steaming bear scat, and…
…was carefully watched by this eagle while looking for a cache. 

Thanks to all those folks who took the time to set up these caches. You provided me with a great day of fun, with only a little frustration. As for those caches that evaded me today, I will be back!


One thought on “My Attempt at 24 (Caches) in 24 (Hours)

  1. 16 caches is a good amount for one day, they look interesting too. 🙂
    I’ve spent a day on a power trail and found an awful lot in one day, it was frightfully tedious. 😆 These days I stuck to a few, higher quality caches.

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