It was one of those perfect week-ends…the weather was gorgeous and the social activities were varied and fun.

Friday night: flamenco class

Saturday: gardening, as little housework as I could get away with, flamenco classes, a flamenco potluck, and finally a party for a neighbour who is turning 40. The shin-dig was at a local theatre building and they had a live band and tonnes of great food and drink. 

Sunday:  while Joe went off for his first ‘open water’ fishing trip of the year, Jamie and Alan stayed home to nurse colds.  I puttered around the house, did some more gardening, more flamenco, then ended the afternoon by sitting in the sun with another travel book. I’m planning a couple of days in Paris with Iris before we head off to St. Jean Pied de Port for the start of our Camino. Iris wants to take in a Moulin Rouge show (the video clip at the bottom of this page gives you a sense of the show). Me too, but I also just want to wander the streets and soak it all in. It has been a very long time since I was in Paris and I am desperately yearning to go back!

On our first trip there we met up with someone whom we had befriended in India. I remember he had us over to his teeny tiny apartment where he served us the most wonderful pink champagne. It was the first time I had something other than ‘the cheap stuff’ and it really was magical! 

I also remember him saying to us, “How are you going to be satisifed now with living in Canada again…it seems to me all people do there is sit at home and watch hockey on TV.” He wasn’t trying to be mean…just matter of fact.

I guess compared to Parisian life, Canadians must seem a pretty boring lot. But as much as I love to travel, I can’t imagine having any country other than Canada as my home base.


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